Breed Profile: Arab

Find out more about the Arab horse, including height, colour and temperament.

Breed Profile: Arab
Arab horses hacking in woods

Arab horse breed summary:

Origin - Desert lands of Asia

Height - 14.1 - 15hh

Colour - Arab horses are most usually bay or chestnut but grey is also seen.

Conformation - The Arab horse has a small head with concave profile, large eyes and small muzzle, arched neck, sloping shoulder, strong level back, strong hindquarters, strong legs. Their tail is carried high and they have a fast and free action and plenty of stamina.

Temperament  - Arab horses are brave, spirited and intelligent.

Ideal Disciplines - The Arab horse is used as a general riding horse, for horse racing, and is particularly suited to endurance.


For more information on the breed visit the Arab Horse Society


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