Breed Profile: Andalusian

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Find out more about the Andalusian including height, colour and temperament

Breed Profile: Andalusian
Andalusian Horse


Andalusian Breed Summary

Origin: Spain

Height: 15 - 16.2hh

Colour:  Grey, black and bay

Conformation: Muscular in build and stand for great beauty and balance.  The head is large with a wide forehead and large dark eyes and the chest is broad and strong.  They are perhaps most famously known for their abundance of mane and tail which are extremely long and lustrous.

Temperament:  The Andalusian is a fiery and proud breed but equally as docile and tractable.  They make extremely show, elegant and bold horses with a high-stepping trot and natural impulsion.  They respond well to schooling and commands and have sensitive mouths making them obedient and comfortable to ride with a great, positive learning attitude.

Ideal Disciplines: With their agile movement and natural elevation the Andalusian is perfectly suited for dressage.



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