Why Friesian horses make excellent film stars

Find out why Friesian’s are top of the list with film directors…

Why Friesian horses make excellent film stars
Toronado is the famous character in the film Zorro

There’s no denying the fact that Friesian horses are stunning animals and they are quite a favourite with film directors.  They love the overall look of the Friesian with their high-arched neck, flowing mane and overall elegance. The whole package is a photographer and cameraperson’s dream with their flowing mane and expressive paces which really draw attention and drama.

In the film Zorro, the Friesian character Toronado was trained to perform skills that included rearing, laying down, retrieving, looking back, pawing the ground and shaking his head to indicate "yes" or "no".

Friesian horses are also well known for working hard and being very trainable and willing to learn.  A film set is unsurprisingly a very busy environment so horse’s chosen for films also need to be very calm and not too phased with sounds, sights and noises.  Friesian horses have a naturally composed temperament which makes them ideal for working in this type of atmosphere.

The Friesian horse breed has been selected to star in many famous films including Clash of the Titans, The Chronicles of Narnia, Snow White and the Huntsman, Interview with a Vampire and Sense and Sensibility.  They have also been cast in TV shows such as Game of Thrones and Lost.


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