Shire horse’s from around Europe to appear at Arena UK

Find out why Arena UK will host the biggest event for Shire Horse fans across the world next year…

Shire horse’s from around Europe to appear at Arena UK
The Shire Horse breed has been revived not only as a working horse but also as a riding horse [Image: British Family Fayre]

The Shire Horse Society holds an annual show that attracts Shire’s from all around Europe plus visitors who travel from all over the world to attend the yearly convention.

The event will take place on Mach 21st and 22nd 2015 at Arena UK in Grantham.  It is expected to be the best display of Shire horses in the country and offers the idea environment to see such magnificent gentle giants of the equestrian world and find out a lot more about the history and temperament of the breed.

It promises to be the largest event of its kind in the world and provides an excellent opportunity to celebrate the Shire horse that was once in danger of extinction but is experiencing a revival not only as a working horse but also a riding horse thanks to people such as The Shire Horse Society who help to spread awareness of the giant breed and work hard to ensure that they live on.

The show will have a diverse range of activities and demonstrations including in hand, ridden and turned out classes and various trade stands with a championship being held on the Saturday evening.  For more information and to book your tickets visit
Members of the Shire Horse Society can get in for free with their society badge.


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