Mini Marvels

Read some top facts about these tiny little horses...

Mini Marvels
Miniature horses can live up to a third longer than large horses


  • Miniatures can live one-third longer than large horses, Angel a dwarf miniature from America was one of the oldest living miniatures at 50 years old!
  • The maximum height for a miniature horse is 34" at or below age 5
  • Contrary to common belief, you can get miniature horses in pinto colours
  • Often confused buy Shetland ponies are completely different to Miniature Horses! The Shetland was however very influential in the development of the Miniature
  • Miniature horses can easily develop problems from over eating so owners need to be careful to ration their food
  • They cannot be used for riding but believe it or not are great at pulling small carts and for showing in carriage and halter classes for miniatures
  • Miniature horses can experience a few health issues due to their pint sized bodies
  • Minis requite a lot less feed than full sized horses
  • Shoes are generally not required but they still need regular farrier care every six to eight weeks


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