Clydesdale horses prove to be much more than meets the eye

Although dubbed “Heavy Horses”. Clydesdales are underestimated as all round riding horses. Find out why they can turn their hoof to almost anything…

Clydesdale horses prove to be much more than meets the eye
Clydesdale horses make fantastic all rounder riding horses

For generations, Clydesdale horses have been classed as "heavy horses" stemming from the First World War where they were responsible for pulling carts of heavy guns. However, when horse drawn vehicles became no more, Shire and Clydesdale horses are now considered at-risk breeds.  Their future in many ways relies on educating people that they are in fact fantastic riding horses and can perform well at cross-country, show jumping and even with enough elegance for dressage.

It is a common misconception that Clydesdale horses are expected to feel heavy to ride and a bit clumsy.  However, these beautiful animals can be just as well schooled, light on their feet and attentive.  The Cumbrian Heavy Horses (CHH), a shire and Clydesdale riding centre in the Lake District have a selection of the stunning breed for holiday makers to gallop across the beach and in the water proving just how much fun they can be!  The centre’s oldest rider to date is 86 which is total testament to their kind, safe temperament. The CHH riding routes require a fit horse as they can be strenuous and very active which quashes the common impression that Clydesdales are plodders and not very exciting.  These marvellous giants in fact make one of the best all round riding horses as they have the ability to be as exhilarating and fun as you like but equally are gentle and generous.


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