Star stallion: Aimbry Chester

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Star stallion: Aimbry Chester
Star stallion: Aimbry Chester

All about End House Stud’s graded sports horse pony stallion Aimbry Chester...

Owned by Trudy Goulding of End House Stud

Bred by Elizabeth Airey of Aimbry Warmbloods, Huddersfield

Born: 1993

Colour: Bay

Height: 15hh

Breed: BWBS

Sire: Wadacre Chicko (BWBS)

Dam: Annika (DV)

Studbooks: Graded with Sports Pony Stud Book (SPSS)  and licensed with the National Pony Society

Early days and career highlights

Owner Trudy Goulding first "met" this exceptional pony when she went to see him at his breeder’s in Huddersfield with her father when he was just nine months old and bought him straight away.

His "look at me" qualities shone through early on and today, he is still much in demand for his good looks, which have earned him recognition as the "face" of Baileys Horse Feeds and  "house model" for Matchmakers International.

Backed by Trudy, "Ches" was later ridden by international dressage rider and judge Clive Halsall who qualified him for the Four-year-old Potential International Dressage Horse final at the national championships and rode him up to medium level.

Former Young Rider Lisa Marriott enjoyed competing him before handing over the reins to International event rider Andrea Morris. In 2003 British junior dressage team member Holly Doyle took over and was placed in the junior team trial and second in the team event at Addington under 21's championships.

A graded lifetime Sports Pony Stallion, he was awarded a certificate of excellence at the age of 15 by the SPSS in 2008 for the most progeny to be registered. In the same year he returned triumphant from the Northern Horse show, winning the Riding Horse Stallion class, qualifying for both the BSHA National Championships and the NPS Ottergayle Supreme In Hand Riding Horse Championship, a testament to his soundness, temperament and breeding.

"He was never fazed by a big atmosphere and could always pull out the stops," remembers Trudy. "We used to say he could puff himself up to look 16 hands when he was in the arena -- no one watching realised how small he was! A lot of people used to ask if I was disappointed that he was only 15hh? Even now I laugh at that question because there are hundreds of big warmblood stallions to choose from, but how many like Chester?  They are few and far between!"

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