6 things you didn't know about Treliver Decanter

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6 things you didn't know about Treliver Decanter
Stallion and dressage winner Treliver Decanter<br><br>

6 things you never knew about sport horse stallion and dressage winner Treliver Decanter…

1. Bred by his owner Gill Clothier, Treliver Decanter’s sire line is exceptional with the 2000 World Breeding Champion Dimaggio passing on outstanding proven qualities, while his grandsire, international dressage star Don Primero (Donnerhall), produced more than 15 international dressage horses. His dam line features Graditz and Grande, who produced international show jumping and dressage progeny, including 33 approved sons, 34 State Premium mares and three Olympic show jumpers – Grande Giso (Holland), Grande (USA) and Gute Sitte (Belgium).

2. Decanter has been mostly used on warmbloods and Thoroughbreds, as well as ponies, Arabs and Irish Draughts. His outstanding colouring catches the eye – he has a cream gene, as well as a chestnut gene with a 50% chance of passing one of them on at each mating.

3. Decanter began his dressage career with Ulrik Molgaard at the age of seven qualifying for the National Championships at Novice level in their first season. For the past 18 months he has been ridden by Matthew Burnett and the combination has rapidly progressed to Prix St Georges level.

4. According to Gill, the most important trait a sport horse needs is trainability: "You can have the most beautiful, correct, huge moving horse, but if it doesn’t want to play you might as well leave it in the field," she says. "The trainable temperament that Decanter passes on is invaluable – he suits a wide variety of mares and tends to pass on his movement and quite often also puts height onto his foals."

5. Decanter is a born showman who loves the attention. "People are drawn by his colour and then wowed by his movement," says Gill. "He loves to show off at stallion parades and the more the crowd clap, the more he shows off. He is a delight – like a Ferrari, he has so many gears. He is beautifully behaved at a show and no problem warming up with other horses. Even if an attractive mare catches his eye, he does his best to concentrate on his work."

6. "People say they can tell a Decanter baby straight away. He produces beautiful stock and passes on a fantastic temperament, as well as fabulous athletic movement," says Gill. But it’s not just his looks and athleticism that has earned Treliver Decanter a following of fans, it is his exceptional semen quality and fertility rates too, as Gill explains: "Tullis [Matson] once said to me ‘you could dilute his semen with dish water and it would still do the job’!"