Breed Profiles - Trakehner

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Find out all about the Trakehner, including typical height, colours, conformation, temperament and ideal disciplines

Breed Profiles - Trakehner
Breed Profiles - Trakehner

Trakehner breed summary:

Origin - Prussia and developed in the 18th Century
Height - Between 15.2hh and 17hh
Colour - Any colour but typically bay, grey, chestnut or black
Conformation - Classed as a warmblood but are the lightest of warmblood types
Ideal disciplines - Eventing, dressage, show jumping

The Trakehner originates in Prussia and the breed was developed in the early 18th Century for use by the Cavalry. The first Trakehner stud was established by King Frederick William I of Prussia in 1732 in the town of Trakehnen, which is how the breed got their name. In the 1800s the stud added Arabian, Thoroughbred and Turkish bloodlines to the Trakehner breed. The breed rose significantly in popularity when their performance was proven during the 1920s and 30s. Trakehners won multiple gold and silver medals at the Olympics during this time. The first Trakehners were imported into the UK in the 1960s.


The Trakehner is usually between 15.2 and 17 hands in height. They can be any colour but are typically bay, grey, chestnut or black. They are classed as a warmblood but are the lightest of the warmblood types.


Trakehners are known for their high intelligence and they are always very keen to work. They are able to cope with intense work and have exceptional stamina. They tend to be level headed and are able to cope with most situations.

Ideal Disciplines

The Trakehner has a fantastic attitude to work and their great stamina makes them the ideal performance horse. They are very popular amongst the world’s top riders and many of the Olympic standard horses are Trakehners.

They are ideal for:

• Eventing

• Dressage

Show jumping

For more information on the breed visit the Trakehners UK site.


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