Breed Profiles - Thoroughbred

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Find out all about the Thoroughbred horse, including typical height, colours, conformation, temperament and ideal disciplines

Breed Profiles - Thoroughbred
Breed Profiles - Thoroughbred

Thoroughbred breed summary:

Origin - 17th century England
Height - Between 15.1hh and 17.0hh tall
Colour - Most common colours are chestnut, bay, black and grey
Conformation - Neat head with high withers, a lean back and long powerful legs
Ideal disciplines - Racing, show jumping, eventing, dressage

Today’s Thoroughbred horse originates from 17th century England. All Thoroughbreds can trace their breeding back to three stallions imported into the country during this time; Byerley Turk, Darley Arabian and Godolphin Arabian. These stallions contained Arabian, Barb and Turkoman breeding which when crossed with native mares produced the modern day thoroughbred. In the 18th and 19th century, Thoroughbreds were exported around the world and they quickly gained in popularity. More than 118,000 Thoroughbred foals are registered around the world every year.


Thoroughbreds are typically between 15.1 and 17.0 hands tall. The most common colours are chestnut, bay, black and grey. A thoroughbred should have a neat head, high withers, a lean build and long powerful legs. Thoroughbreds are considered "thin skinned" and do not tend to hold much fat, so generally cannot live out all year round as many other breeds can.


Thoroughbreds are considered to be ‘hot blooded’ and are renowned for their high spirits and love of speed. They are generally very excitable and can be too much for novice riders to handle. It is their spirit and boldness that makes them so successful on the race track.

Ideal Disciplines Thoroughbreds are ideal for the following disciplines:

• Racing

• Show jumping

• Eventing

• Dressage

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