Breeds Profiles - Westphalian

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Find out more about the Wesphalian horse breed including typical conformation, temperament and ideal disciplines

Breeds Profiles - Westphalian
Breeds Profiles - Westphalian

The Westphalian horse originates from the Westphalia region of Germany. Originally bred to be riding horses for courtiers and the calvary, the Westphalian is very similar to the Trakehner. In the twentieth century, the Westphalian lessened in popularity as heavier warmbloods were needed to work the land, however with the advent of modern farming technology, the focus was back on producing finer horses and the modern Westphalian came into existence.


Westphalians have a similar conformation to other warmbloods including the Hanoverian and the Rhinelander. They are usually between 15.2 and 17.2 hands in height and can be any colour but are most typically black, bay, chestnut or grey. The Westphalian is stockier than the Thoroughbred but is still required to be long lined with bold, elastic gates.

Westphalians can be identified by the unique brand on the left hip. The brand is given to all Westphalians when they are awarded their papers as a foal and is a crowned shield containing the letter ‘W’.


The Westphalian is known for its good trainable temperament and brave attitude towards work.

Ideal Disciplines There are many Westphalians at the top of the equestrian sporting world and the breed has been used at the Olympics with great success in dressage and show jumping.

They are ideal for the following disciplines:


• Show Jumping

• Eventing

• Hunting

• All-rounder

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