Breed Profiles - Morgan

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Breed Profiles - Morgan
Breed Profiles - Morgan

The Morgan horse originates in America and all Morgan horses can be traced back to a single stallion named Figure. The breed has had multiple uses through the years from harness racing in the 1840s, to Calvary horses during the civil war, to the pony express mail delivery system. The formal breed registry was set up in 1894, but the stud book was closed in 1948 to try and preserve the breed. Morgan bloodlines have been used to in several other breeds including the American Quarter horse.


Morgans have a very distinctive head shape with a broad forehead and large prominent eyes. They are well muscled and their neck should almost look like it is sitting on the withers rather than in front of it. They have long legs and a high stepping trotting action. They are typically between 14.1 to 15.2 hands in height and can be any colour.


Morgan horses are known for their enthusiasm for life. They are very alert and interested in their surroundings. They have excellent stamina and enthusiasm for work.

Ideal Disciplines Morgan horses are ideal for the following disciplines:

• Showing

• Western riding

• All-rounder