Breed Profiles - Hackney

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Breed Profiles - Hackney
Breed Profiles - Hackney

The Hackney Horse and Hackney pony originates in Britain in the 14th Century. They were primarily used for riding and pulling carriages but their stamina and fast paced trotting action made them useful war horses. In 1729, Norfolk Trotter and Arabian bloodlines were combined to create the modern day Hackney horse. The Hackney Horse Society was formed in 1883 but the stud book can trace back the bloodlines to 1755.


The Hackney can range from 14.2 up to 16.2 hands in height. They can be any solid colour but may have white markings. They have a very muscular neck and powerful shoulders. The legs are strong and when trotting the movement is very exaggerated with a high knee and hock movement. A smaller version of the Hackney has been bred, called the Hackney Pony. These are typically used as show ponies.

Temperament The Hackney is renowned for its stamina and can trot for extremely long periods at a high speed.

Ideal Disciplines Hackney horses are ideal for the following disciplines:

• Driving

• Showing

• All-rounder