Breed Profiles - Haflinger

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Find out all about the Haflinger pony, including typical height, colours, conformation, temperament and ideal disciplines

Breed Profiles - Haflinger
Breed Profiles - Haflinger

Haflingers breed summary:

Origin - Austria
Height - 13.2hh to 14.3hh
Colour - Chestnut
Conformation - Dainty head set on a medium length neck, sloping shoulders and a deep chest. Medium length back and broad powerful legs
Ideal disciplines - Dressage, endurance, vaulting, show jumping, light harness work and driving

Haflingers originate from Austria and can trace their breeding back over 100 years. All breeding in Austria is organised by a government run organisation. The Haflinger was only introduced to Britain in the 1960’s when they were imported into the country. The Haflinger Society of Great Britain was established in 1970 to monitor Haflinger breeding and maintain high standards.


Haflingers are always chestnut in colour and have a white or flaxen tail and mane. Until World War II the average height of a Haflinger was 13.2h, however, now they range from 13.2 up to 14.3h in height. They have a dainty head set on a medium length neck, sloping shoulders and a deep chest. They have a medium length back and broad powerful legs. The Haflinger has floaty paces and a natural tendency to be light on the forehand, making them good in the dressage ring.


Haflingers are known for their quiet, kind nature and this is listed as part of the breed standard.

Ideal Disciplines

Hafingers are ideal for the following disciplines:

• Light harness work and driving

• Dressage


• Vaulting

• Show jumping

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