Breed Profiles - Gelderlander

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Find out all about the Gelderlander, including typical height, colours, conformation, temperament and ideal disciplines

Breed Profiles - Gelderlander
Breed Profiles - Gelderlander

Gelderlander horse breed summary:

Origin - Netherlands
Height - 15.2hh to 16hh
Colour - Typically chestnut, rarely in black, bay or grey
Conformation - Long arching necks, broad withers, long legs, and hold their tail in a high carriage
Ideal disciplines - Driving, all-rounder

The Gelderlander is a warmblood horse that originated in the Netherlands. Originally bred for use in agriculture their high stepping trot action made them popular riding and carriage horses. The Gelderlander was cross bred with other breeds to help improve their movement and they provided the foundation of the Dutch warmblood.


Gelderlanders are typically chestnut, but very rarely they can be black, bay or grey. They can also be tobianos and it is common for them to have a lot of white markings. They are usually between 15.2 and 16 h in height. They tend to have long arching necks, broad withers, long legs and they hold their tail in a high carriage.


They are typically very docile but have great stamina.

Ideal Disciplines:

Gelderlanders are very popular in the sport of driving. They also have proven international success in show jumping and dressage.

They are ideal for:


• All-rounder

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