Breed Profiles - Fjord

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Find out more about the Fjord breed including typical conformation, temperament and ideal disciplines

Breed Profiles - Fjord
Breed Profiles - Fjord

Fjord horse breed summary:

Origin - Norway
Height - Usually from 13.1hh to 14.3hh but can be bigger or smaller
Colour - Dun colour with a two colour mane
Conformation - Strong arched neck, stocky body, medium sized head and small ears
Ideal disciplines - All-rounder, driving, child's pony

The Fjord horse originates in Norway and is thought to be one of the oldest breeds of horse in the world. It is thought that the first examples of the Fjord horse were domesticated over 4000 years ago and bones of the fjord horse have been found at archaeological digs dating back 2000 years. Despite being of a pony size, they are referred to as horses.


The Fjord horse is very distinctive thanks to their dun colour, two colour mane and the zebra type markings often seen on the back of their legs. They range in height from 13.1 to 14.3hh but can be bigger or smaller. The Fjord looks like a small draft horse and has a very strong, arched neck and a stocky body. The head is medium sized and they have small ears. The Fjord is very strong and despite their small size, they can easily carry an adult rider.


They have a reputation for being friendly, sociable horses and their mild temperament makes them ideal for beginners.

Ideal Disciplines

Thanks to their strong build, they are still used for heavy agricultural work in the mountainous areas of Norway. Their mild temperament makes them a popular choice for many riding schools in the UK.

They are ideal for the following disciplines:

• All-rounder

• Driving

• Child’s pony

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