Breed Profiles - Falabella

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Find out all about the Falabella breed, including typical height, colours, conformation, temperament and ideal disciplines

Breed Profiles - Falabella
Breed Profiles - Falabella

Falabella horse breed summary:

Origin - Argentina
Height - 28 to 34 inches
Colour - Can be any colour, most commonly black and bay
Conformation - Although tiny, Falabellas are referred to as horses as they have horse body proportions, with similar conformation to Arab and Thoroughbred horses
Ideal disciplines - Child's pony, showing, in-hand jumping, pulling carts

The Falabella horse originates in Argentina and they were developed by breeding smaller Iberian horses with welsh ponies, shetlands and small thoroughbreds. It took a large amount of inbreeding to reach the tiny size that they are now.


Falabellas, although tiny, are referred to as horses rather than ponies. They have horse body proportions and have similar conformation to Arab and Thoroughbred horses. They range in size from 28 and 34 inches in height with Falabella foals standing at an average tiny 18 inches. Black and bay are the most common colours but Falabellas can come in any colour. They are very hardy and thanks to their slightly thicker coat can live out all year if suitably rugged.


Falabellas are very affectionate, friendly little horses. They are very intelligent and learn quickly, making them highly trainable.

Ideal Disciplines

Due to their small size, they can only be ridden by small children. They do very well in the show ring and there is a very large international miniature showing circuit. They do love to jump and there are many in-hand jumping competitions specifically for the miniature breeds. They can also be trained to pull a cart.

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