Breed Profiles - Andalusian

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Find out all about the Andalusian horse, including typical height, colours, conformation, temperament and ideal disciplines

Breed Profiles - Andalusian
Breed Profiles - Andalusian

Andaluisian horse breed summary:

Origin - Iberian Peninsula, Spain
Height - 15.2hh to 16.2hh
Colour - Grey, but they can come in bay, black, dun and palomino
Conformation - Compact, short backed, muscular bodies, long necks and medium length heads
Ideal disciplines - Dressage, showing, all-rounder, TV work

The Andalusian horse is sometimes also called the pure Spanish horse or PRE. They originate from Spain on the Iberian Peninsula which is why they are sometimes grouped together under the term Iberian horses. The breed was established in the 15th century and Andalusian horses were often used by nobility, with the Spanish government using them as a diplomacy tool. During the 19th century their numbers decreased significantly but since the 20th century they have been steadily gaining in popularity and there are now an estimated 75000 Andalusians worldwide.

Conformation Andalusians are famous for their long flowing manes and tails. They have compact, short backed bodies, that are very muscular. They have long necks and medium length heads. Their gait is very energetic, making them excellent for dressage. They range in height from 15.2 to 16.2 hands in height. Andalusians tend to be grey in colour but they can come in other colours including bay, black, dun and palomino.

Temperament Andalusians can be very sensitive and need to be handled with respect and appreciation of this. They are docile and kind when treated well and thanks to their high intelligence they are very quick learners. It is this high intelligence combined with their athletic ability that makes them the horse of choice for many dressage riders.

Ideal Disciplines

Andalusian horses are ideal for the following disciplines:

• Dressage

• Showing

• All-rounder

• TV work

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